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Information and experience can save you time and money, especially when it comes to the Internet and technology. You don't always needs the latest and the greatest. Websmart provides consultation services to help you. Whether its is putting together a Request for Proposal, a grant application, trying to understand the terminology, domain registrations, web site hosting or trying to figure out what works on a web site. Take advantage of our years of experience to save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

Web Site Development, Inside and Out

Websmart has the technical know-how when it comes to the working skeleton beneath the skin of a web site. If “links” conjure up images of golf courses and you think “search engines” chug on a track, Websmart can help. We will work with you from start to finish to create a crisp and professional web site that has a presence on the on-line market. See web site samples.

Site Content Management and Administration

Web sites require dedicated effort to consistently update content, graphics, photos and answer site-related emails. For those not familiar with the technology, tools or even the language this can easily become a difficult, time consuming task. Let the experts at Websmart take care of those housekeeping details quickly and efficiently, freeing up valuable staff time for other duties. This will help ensure your web site is kept current both in its information and its contact within the Web World. This service is available in our higher-end Webmaster Support Packages

Do It Yourself: Websmart deploys content management or back end administration systems to suit the particular client or project. Not all Content Management Systems (software that allows you to update your site, b.k.a. CMS) are created equal. We are not locked into one system, but can offer options that you are most comfortable using - from full html editors to visual content editors, controlled database-powered systems and dynamic operations.

Websmart Administration: Our own back end administration set up lets the web site do some of the work of updating for you, freeing up your time for other things.for you. This system allows you to make content updates at your own convenience. It is browser based and requires no software or plug-ins to install on your computer. You can make your changes from any computer on the Internet.
This system can be customized to make the job of updating information easier and faster. Let's face it, if its hard and takes too long it may not get done - you have other things to do.

Support & Maintenance

No computer program can replace what a live person can do. Nor can it provide the information, experience and creativity that is so often necessary in the quickly changing environment of the Internet. With our affordable and hassle-free Webmaster Support Packages, Websmart becomes your on-call Webmaster. Renewable annually, Support Packages are an economical way to update your web site and sustain your Internet presence.

Special Projects

At Websmart, we like a challenge and the chance to try something new. Whether its a virtual firefighter, interactive tourism guidebook, mapping or other interesting web site functions we can help. See our Special Projects page for some samples of what we have already accomplished.

Group Plans

Websmart works with a wide range or organizations, groups and committees. We offer special Group Plans for group sites, e.g. tourist associations, event networking etc. Your group or organization can benefit from our experience and ability to provide you with a sound web site solution that is cost effective.

Professional Services

From time to time, that little extra “something” is required for a web site. The services of several talented professionals are then employed to meet our clients’ needs and to maintain our high standard of quality and customer service. These additional services may include copywriting, research, graphic design, photography and customized software.

Database Development

Websmart Consulting can work with you to place your small or medium sized database on-line and make it accessible to Internet users, thus increasing the usefulness of your site to those visiting.


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