Safari Niagara
Contracted by an advertising agency, Torbay Palumbi, we advised graphic designers and the client on the site development - the visuals were stunning and we were able to work with those into the site layout / design. Staff keep the content up to date with some extra help from Websmart for the more complicated requirements.

Websmart Inc.

Website Design

Websmart provides quality, professional website designs for a wide range of purposes - municipal government, organizations, business, industry, christian organizations, tourism, arts and culture including museums and art galleries and more.

Websmart's website designer is Owen Smart. Our sites are crisp, clean, easy to use and creatively reflect the image of the client. We work with you to translate your business or organization into your on-line presence. See some of our websites and our client comments for examples of unique web site creations.

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Websmart Offers…

  • knowledge - what works and what doesn't work for web site users and web site owners.

  • experience - more than 17 years of creating web sites, PLUS a background in mass media, communications, government, small business and promotion gives Websmart a vast array of experiences to apply to your project.

  • creativity - not just in the graphic design, but in the style, function, programming and application of the web site

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My cousin's friend's brother-in-law can build me as site for free

We have rescued many organizations and companies from websites that have been "put together" for free or little cost by associates, relatives or volunteers.  While this can be how many sites get started, in the long run it can be detrimental to the business. Because the website is a reflection of your business or organization, its probably better to have no website than to have one that is badly designed or functions poorly. 

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