Bruce Power Pensioners Association
A complete rebuild of this site from an earlier model. Association members sign up and manage their own profiles, multiple administrators look after different areas of the content. The site is build to accommodate new features and future growth.

Websmart Inc.

Website Design

Websmart provides quality, professional website designs for a wide range of purposes - municipal government, organizations, business, industry, christian organizations, tourism, arts and culture including museums and art galleries and more.

Websmart's website designer is Owen Smart. Our sites are crisp, clean, easy to use and creatively reflect the image of the client. We work with you to translate your business or organization into your on-line presence. See some of our websites and our client comments for examples of unique web site creations.

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Websmart Offers…

  • knowledge - what works and what doesn't work for web site users and web site owners.

  • experience - more than 17 years of creating web sites, PLUS a background in mass media, communications, government, small business and promotion gives Websmart a vast array of experiences to apply to your project.

  • creativity - not just in the graphic design, but in the style, function, programming and application of the web site

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A graphic designer wants to create a website for the company

Graphic designers are very good at what they do, creating eye catching visuals, information placement and style. However graphic designers are not web site designers.  The training and backgrounds are quite different.  The internet is interactive, constantly changing and so many aspects are integrated with varoius sytems, functions and code.  A true web site designer must have an excellect working knowledge of ALL of these areas, and be able to produce a site themselves to truly understand the nature of websites.  I am a true website designer, able to work on all aspects of website design, development PLUS workflow for our customers to get the best ROI on their investment.

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