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Webmaster Support

Let a professional take care of you!

No computer program can replace the capabilities and value of a live person that has the experience and ability to respond to your web site needs. Software and systems can fail, they need to be constantly upgraded or applications changed and adapted as needs arise. That often becomes an unexpected expense.

Websmart's Webmaster Support packages give you the advantage of tapping into a qualified, professional webmaster and receive the benefits of our experience and knowledge in supporting your web site without the cost of training staff (which may change) or having in-house hours dedicated to looking after the site. Your time is more valuable focusing on your business. Let us focus on your web site.

Support packages can work in conjunction with your in-house content updates or we can do it all for you.

Take comfort in having someone to call that knows you and your web site.

Our Support Packages come in various levels of service, starting at $660* per year CDN.

Contact us now and put our knowledge, creativity and experience to work for you.